With assistance only you

Brian Poloncic

With assistance only you, ringing paragraph, cute you worked on it together, in thunder, to leave camp  -  Honest as earth, modesty, two of us yeah, sounds good, we have a shot  -  I know we have it gold, cool, unoffended, rummaging the first go and wow!  Bold, ancient, was is gone?  It’s a non-authority, shining their hearts out, it’s a must, less bed-worn sex, never the way, it went down  -  Help say hi, coaxed, indoors, crap, but what will I give them?  And if we’ve got to we’ve got a vacuum training in view, forget the man, there’s plenty left and they sometimes carry out  -  Come blues, expect to put in rest, somebody is here, reliable and insane  -  Home is order, be numb power to give, other people hold you, asshole  -  That’s so toes are on harder grips to sane groups I was walking thru and I’m not smelling potent, we’ve arrived in a memoir, feel it’s rising you were noted  -  Appearing golden, a room was there, it’s like a preacher in a  glass vehicle, we were stoned, root beer, day job,  are you talking about?  Camp Carolinas we’re brave, upended surly, she was surely, what in mind are we?  With our tags, it’s almost zilch, you’ve a helper, did you get the swiss, dance worthy, something it’s all about heroes  -  Youthful vibes, Sony just dammed the river, not too late for twice, ready, you know the name, still behold what’s behind you, It’s leaving my head as we dance and keep averaging smallish  -   Driving, look at that holy shit, we’re stoned chicks having a go, now I repeat, bag a nice winner I’ve been cycling  -  You guys are friendly, portaged, plenty of loot I’ll find, where shall we sit?  My look is not giving away, tiny pleases telling me, sex really kind and committal being ready to dissolve before a scary calling, nuclear detour, this is honored, get along  -  Ace coming, haunting now, shades of earth, I need more room here, plenty  -  Going you have mantras and then I have extras  -  High, involved, perpetual sublime with smiles that erect glass, barnyards,  they’re selling wasps for a just come star, trans royalty, it’s good a suitor, in a suit, it’s up in Brisbane, not spoken  -  Holy is the trough, with pastries bent pastimes, everyone has a story, then we can realize that the milk is really set, where gentle has to be in the way but goes down there as a trophy wound  -  Comforted in the ways about me, thanks for being what I don’t know, some archers have left, it takes a rule, a mix in the middle  -  So we’ve been playing and I want you to know I’m in balance, sweet opera muse, wanting, closed  -   Oh not his city backs double, straight she don’t, in time you’ll be at last, you’ll be love, that was fell, quiet and invasive, baby, where on the berries you’ll hold me, you’ll see, art in love, beat romancing, sharing, meander me, pro-me, a grandeur finally  -  Venture me, not in grief, but things that sooth us  -  They slow, back in mind and to zone-scapes, and I sat on a plate of brilliance, in plight, but pretty so I went up there  -  Recycle, they take that moment as a life coach, really hard, you know why the place was left open, sky of blue over an ocean shack, huffed in the reigns to vent whatever, I know, clocked,  realizing they owed, I would love and did in a spiritual babble.

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